We want to hear from you: ODF Sweden’s participant survey

ODF Sweden's Innovation Wheel, version 2

ODF Sweden kindly invites you to respond to this very short survey. It does not matter whether you have been with us from the start or if you learnt about ODF Sweden very recently, we want to hear your opinion nevertheless. (You might want to read about our mission and about our innovations cycles.)

Your response provides input to our discussions during the ODF Grand Meeting on May 27th, please submit well in advance of the meeting.

Your response most of all provide input when ODF now closes the first chapter and prepares for a new start in the second half of 2021.

Participant survey, May 2021
I joined ODF Sweden in… (took part in activity, signed up, etc.)
I get most info about ODF Sweden by…
I participate in ODF Sweden actitivities approximately once … (large or small meetings, online discussions, etc.)
My participation in ODF Sweden is mainly by…
Of the four innovation cycles I have appreciated especially…