Solving our global challenges through turning ocean data into innovation opportunities for the digital blue economy.

Our mission

ODF Sweden is the national marine data lab in Sweden. Our mission is to enable data-driven innovation by both commercial and non-commercial actors to ensure that the ocean and its resources are managed in the best possible and most sustainable way. In doing so, one of ODF Sweden’s goals is to enable Sweden to be a global leader in sustainability and innovation in the global digital blue economy.

The global digital blue economy is expected to double by 2030 to around USD 3 billion. Today an increasing number of countries across the world are establishing ocean data labs. One reason for establishing these labs is to reverse the rapid decline in ocean health, which is crucial for global economic and food security and for achieving the UN’s 2030 sustainable development goals. Today climate change, fishing, pollution, and other human factors have damaged 96% of the world’s oceans, with 41% already seriously damaged.

How we do it

ODF Sweden is an arena for competence building and innovation within the ocean space and is open to all who believe that crunching data from the ocean

  1. is fun,
  2. holds the answers to a sustainable blue economy, and
  3. becomes really productive and innovative when different competences do it together

We conduct our activities in high-paced cycles focusing on selected themes, as described in our innovation cycles.

ODF Sweden is not a data provider per se. However, we work with all the agencies responsible for making ocean data available.

What makes ODF Sweden distinct is that our starting point is not ocean data but rather ocean challenges and how ocean data can address those challenges.