ODF Sweden will host guest professor in “Marine Citizen Science for sustainable development”

Last week came the fantastic news, that the University of Gothenburg’s vice-chancellor has appointed Dr. Uta Wehn as the Adlerbertska Research Foundation guest professor in sustainable development. ODF Sweden nominated Uta, and we were able to show a very broad and cross-disciplinary support for her nomination. We proudly welcome Uta to Sweden and to ODF. Uta will formally be hosted by the Department of Marine Sciences at University of Gothenburg.

Uta’s arrival consolidates and strengthens our ambitions in citizen science. In ODF Sweden we are delighted to see that openness and inclusiveness are getting increased attention and appreciation at all levels in marine science and marine management. This spells well for more high quality ocean data, better and broader analysis and interpretation of that data, and for deeper and wider knowledge about our common oceans.

Expect great things, and join the movement! For example by sending a message to Uta and ODF Sweden. Click either of the buttons below:

This is a wonderful opportunity. First on my to-do-list is creating a lively 'community of practice' for marine citizen science. This will build on the substantial hands on experience I have gained over the years, not least in the projects Ground Truth 2.0 and CSEOL that I led as well as in MICS, WeSenseIt and WeObserve.
Uta's arrival in Sweden will really give a push to open up how we think about marine science. Who is it for and who can contribute? These are important questions if we are serious about sustainable growth in the blue economy.
Yesss! Uta's appointment is another step towards realizing of the full potential of inclusive and open ocean science in Sweden. We feel passionately about this and we have seen the payback it creates for ocean literacy and marine conservation, for example in the Koster Seafloor Observatory Welcome to ODF, Uta!
I know the fantastic work Uta does in citizen science. This is why I suggested her name when we in ODF discussed the possibility of nominating someone for this position. I am very much looking forward to working with Uta.
This will be great, there are much synergies with what we do in ARCS. I will work together with Uta, setting up a 'community of practice', gathering people involved in marine citizen science.
The Centre for Sea and Society has a mission to initiate, stimulate and develop ocean related transdisciplinary research and education. We will support Uta in all her activities. The timing is excellent, now that Sweden is gearing up its contribution to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.
More cross-disciplinary research and practice about the relation between lay and expert knowledge is very important in marine and fisheries management. I warmly welcome Uta to Sweden and I look forward to collaboration, strengthening a holistic perspective on (marine) sustainable development.
Cross-disciplinary research in the maritime sector has a long tradition at the School of Business, Economics and Law. We warmly welcome Uta and look forward to collaboration.