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The primary challenge to turning ocean data into an innovation opportunity is that ocean data are generally characterized by several impediments: 1) a wide variation in time and length scales, 2) limited data points, in time and space, 2) difficult to communicate / transmit, 3) a demanding and very expensive to collect due to the nature of marine environments, and 4) jurisdictional issues as the ocean is “a single ocean”. 

In addition to its innovation cycles that are challenge based, ODF Sweden conducts a range of activities focused on solving our global challenges. These include activities such as arranging ocean challenge hackathons and ocean data & AI competence development workshops as well as attending activities arranged by other actors.  In 2019, ODF

Sweden conducted the following challenge activities:

  • Participated in the EMODnet Open Sea Lab II Hackathon in Ghent, Belgium
  • Supported the Baltic Seabird AI/UX Hackathon in Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Co-arranged the Smartocean Network workshop in Peniche, Portugal
  • Co-arranged an ocean data hackathon in Sweden
Ocean data factory

Open challenges

ODF Sweden leads several Open Challenges that open up for more actors to share and use ocean data and data science models and processes in order to develop sustainable data-driven innovation. Two challenges that will be launched shortly include the following: