ODF Sweden’s Webinar Series

ODF Sweden endeavors to turn ocean data into innovation opportunities for the digital blue economy. We have brought people from various domains to create data-driven innovations. For example, to better understand the Swedish ocean ecosystem diversity, to investigate the impacts of climate change on ocean ecosystem diversity, we built models to predict the spread of invasive species, and combined AI and citizen science to analyze a large amount of deep-sea videos across decades to identify the ocean species. We are also predicting algae bloom to help oyster farms and the tourism industry. You can read more about ODF Sweden’s projects here.

In the ODF Sweden’s Webinar Series, we have invited the following speakers, as listed below. We meet on Zoom and try to wrap up within one hour.  Please connect through button below:

Meeting ID: 592 916 7010.

  • December 1, 2021, 12pm
  • Mafalda de Freitas, Project Manager of the PELADRONE project and CEO of Peniche Ocean Watch
  • PELADRONE – Digitally transforming Portuguese SME fisheries and coastal communities
  • A blog post on this webinar
  • Recording of the webinar:
  • May 20, 2021 1pm
  • Alex Alcocer, Oslo Metropolitan University
  • Miniature underwater gliders with autonomous deployment and recovery capabilities
  • The webinar covered work in progress, the  presenter has requested that the recording is not published.

  • Feb 25th, 2021, 12 pm
  • Thomas Mennerdahl and Sarah Alkhateeb, MMT Sweden AB:
  • Deep learning to assist in reporting of subsea pipeline inspection
  • The webinar covered work in progress, the  presenter has requested that the recording is not published.

Data-driven innovation is an attractive approach and a challenging approach. As one of the pioneers in combining AI and ocean data for ocean relevant innovations, ODF Sweden has been learning and gaining experiences and knowledge. We would like to share our learning, and also invite experts who are working on data-driven innovation in various contexts to share their expertise.

Look forward to the webinar series!

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