From small Factory to large Hub

We want to share an exciting development with all who care about ocean data. ODF Sweden is leading a consortium aiming to become Ocean Digital Innovation Hub Sweden (ODIH). This represents a large increase in our ambitions, from a relatively small factory, focusing on in-house innovation projects, to a hub with focus on supporting

  • Small and medium sized companies, and
  • The public sector.

Our initiative has been shortlisted by the Swedish Government for consideration by the European Commission. Several steps remain, but we are optimistic about becoming an operational hub at the end of 2021. ODIH Sweden will participate in a network of marine European DIHs, delivering support in four service areas, noted with red boxes in the image below. ODIH Sweden is a large consortium led by the University of Gothenburg together with four main partners (Chalmers, RISE, IVL, SMHI), each responsible for one service area. We will work in close collaboration with AI Sweden and Enterprise Europe Network.