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External funding

In addition to actively pursuing sources of external funding to continue its journey, ODF  Sweden is also open to collaborating with other organizations that are interested in applying for funding and need a data science partner.

The number of applications of AI / ML / NN to ocean data is substantial and includes numerous areas. One of the more developed is the use of AI to create more efficient shipping solutions, while other interesting areas are developing. For example, ML can be applied to satellite images to detect illegal and harmful fishing and even predict the flight that an illegal fishing boat might take. Fishery management can be improved and better controlled by using AI numerical techniques to approximate future fish populations and optimal harvest levels in order to maximize the probability of maintaining high catches in the future in the presence of multiple sources of uncertainty such as climate change and invasive species. In aquaculture, machine learning can be used to predict animal critical states, such as spawning or molting, such that the food supply can be adjusted accordingly. A particular ML algorithm, called a convolutional neural network, can be applied to data on ocean currents to create more realistic ocean models, even if the data for a particular area are limited. Finally, ML enables the prediction of wave conditions in order to optimize wave energy production.

If you would like to discuss funding opportunities, please: