ODF Sweden innovation cycle #7: The do-it-ourselves challenge!

We are now moving forward with our next innovation challenge! Cycle #7 will be the ‘To-do-it-ourselves challenge‘. We start with this challenge now and the cycle is expected to last at least until the summer this year. The core activities of challenge #7 will be to build and deploy ocean sensors and a leading partner will be Chalmers Revere Lab. An important purpose in this cycle is also to proceed further with our previous cycles on data availability and citizen science.

From these previous cycles, we take some specific knowledge with us. In cycle #5 (‘the data availability challenge‘), we learnt the need to take a long perspective on data availability and FAIRness (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). In cycle #6 (‘the citizen science challenge‘) we learnt about reaching out and making partners with new groups and individuals, to leverage our own and other’s competence and resources.